This schema has been deprecated, pleasu use the newer version 2009/03/09 instead.

FMI Meteorological Objects (version 2009/03/03 - 0.1)

FMI Meteorological Objects represent different weather-related phenomena described as GML Features. The primary use for these XML Schemas is describing the language for exchanging high-level abstaractions of meteorological data (weather analysis results, forecast coordination maps,...) using the OGC Web Feature Service (WFS).

The schemas have been separated into several XML Schema files, but all the elements and types are declared in the same version-dependent namespace: Users are free to use only a subset of these schemas by either

An aggregate schema file metobjects-all.xsd has been provided for those willing to import all the elements and types in their own schemas as the metobjects namespace.

Documentation & Schema files

Documentation for the Metobjects Schema is generated with Oxygen XML. It also covers the whole GML 3.1.1 schema, which means the HTML files are rather big and heavy.

  • metobjects-common: common elements used in more than one of the other schema files
  • metobjects-base:(mostly abstract) base elements and types for metobjects
  • metobjects-point: features fixed at a single point in space (symbols e.g.).
  • metobjects-linear:features having a linear representation in space (fronts, jets, e.g.)
  • metobjects-surface: features covering a "on-the-earth-surface" geospatial area (rain or cloud areas)
  • metobjects-solid: placeholder for features represented as 3D volumes
  • metobjects-collection: collections consisting of other metobjects (complete weather analysis or forecast for a specific time e.g.)
  • metobjects-all: aggregate containing all the metobject elements and types.
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