Main schema metobjects-all.xsd
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  <p>FMI Meteorological Objects represent different weather-related phenomena described as GML Features. The primary use for these XML Schemas is describing the language for exchanging high-level abstractions of meteorological data (weather analysis results, forecast coordination maps,...) using the OGC Web Feature Service (WFS).</p>
  <p>The schema has been divided into several XML Schema files, but all the elements and types are declared in the same version-dependent namespace: Users are free to use only a subset of these schemas by either</p>
    <li>importing only one of the schema files as metobjects namespace in their own schemas, or</li>
    <li>by creating and hosting an aggregate schema file with the metobjects targetNamespace including only the wanted subset of metobjects schema files, and importing the created aggregate schema files as the metobjects namespace.</li>
  <p>An aggregate schema file metobjects-all.xsd has been provided for those willing to import all the elements and types in their own schemas as the metobjects namespace.</p>
  <p>Links to the original
    <a href="">schema files, documention and release notes</a>at</p>
  <p>Author: Ilkka Rinne / FMI 2009, ilkka dot rinne at fmi dot fi.</p>
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element form default: qualified
version: 1.0
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